Our history

Gigondas comes from « Jucunditas », which means Joy and Cheerfulness in latin. It is an old fortified village from the Middle Ages. However, its story starts much sooner, according to the numerous testimonials – coins, pieces of pottery, tegulae (sort of tiles), pillar heads and colons from the Roman civilisation – found everywhere in the commune.

The oldest part of the Domaine les Goubert’s house goes back to the 17th century and is part of first high buildings outside village walls. My family has been driving this domain for many generations. As my family name was going to disappear, Augusta Goubert, my mother, decided to give her name to the domain to perpetuate it.

With my wife Mireille, I took over the responsability in the 70s. As a pur self-made man, I never stop to learn and to improve myself on both vineyard and wine. Thus I produce wines without any quality trades-off, wines I like, colorful, meaty, rich, but also elegant and delicate wines.

Few key steps

With my father, we worked with an old crusher. We had to climb up tanks,

Then we built a reception platform for harvesting bins, including a hopper to make grape handling easier.

Afterwards, a tipper-bin with de-stemming and crushing made our job easier and allowed to handle grapes more carefully.

Last, since 2004, we have been trying to extract maximum of colour by using cold- maceration & fermentation and by starting fermentation smoother.