Our philosophy

A great wine is first a great terroir, with an excellent soil, a good exposure, good vine varieties, happy vine plants growing quietly. Then, it is also an ounce of « savoir-faire » (know-how), the love of your work and a no-limit respect for your land.

Thus, respect for mother Nature is essential.

Respect for nature does not mean to stick to outdated technics, but to adopt innovative solutions which preserve your environment and assure constant and uncompromized quality. We must avoid the use of chemical products as much as we can. We must let our soils live. We must favour an organic and microbial life. It will provide richness to our soil. This richness will feed our vine. And a well-fed vine gives rich wines.

Producing a wine means to be there when grape turns into wine and to slightly adapt the winemaking process to get all qualities and flavours from the grape berries. Just as simple… We should be modest : even if we act to get this revelation, our terroirs and vines are its parents.

This is the reason why we must have respect for our terroirs too. Each of them has its own identity. At our domain, we just try to express these identities thru a genuine, fine and elegant style.

Our great pleasure is to let you discover all these subtle differences. We hope you will like them.