Red wines

Domaine Les Goubert offers you different wines which will fit most of your desires, either by their taste and/or by their price-quality ratio. Are you looking for a bottle to drink with your friends or one to go with a fine meal? Do you like young and fresh wines or their more generous elders? We have a wine for each of you, for each occasion.

All these differences are coming from the variety of our terroirs and what we seek to do with it. Thus we are lucky to produce several « appellations » : Each represents a mix of terroir, tradition, grape varieties, quality rules and know how which will bring something a bit different in the bottle. Our objective is simple : produce meaty and fruity wines, with a real expression, whatever bottle you will buy.

Côtes du Rhône . Sablet . Beaumes de Venise . L’inédit . Gigondas

A simple and fruity wine : the « Côtes du Rhône »

AOC Côtes du Rhône – one of these « appellations » – is very old and offer a large diversity of wines. Indeed, its area is large, from Vienne to Avignon, across 200 km. Drink them young.

Our Côtes du Rhone is light and easy to drink, with a bit of character and fruit (blackcurrant, prune, cherry). Drink it with your friends, when you are many around a table or as your daily wine. Pork and beef sausages, pâté or BBQ, it will go with simple and tasty meals.

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An ounce of character for amateurs : the « Sablet »

Sablet is a village at the foothill of the Dentelles of Montmirail, few kilometers far from Gigondas. Sablet’s wines are a bit stronger and manlier.

Our red Sablet is a rustic wine, without fuss. It is both fruity (red fruits) and spicy. Hot days of our southern region give him more strength, but it is not aggressive at all. Roasted pork with onions, irish stew, grilled lamb, it goes with tasty meats.

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Fine, sweet and fruity : the « Beaumes de Venise »

Beaumes de Venise is first known for its sweet wine called Muscat. But there is also a well balanced and round red wine produced here.

Our Beaumes de Venise is just light and delicate. Pur silk in mouth, fruity as we like. Sweet and jovial, it is the perfect fit for your grilled pieces of beef.

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Surprise yourself : Cuvée « L’Inédit » (The Original)

Some cuvées reveal the essential of a grape variety, the personality of a plot of vineyard. This particular cuvée just reveals myself : my own personality and everything I like to find in a wine. You will taste such a Côtes du Rhône nowhere else : that is the reason why I called it « L’inédit » (ie the original). It is a deep, breed, strong and full-bodied. A manly wine. Its greatest fit? Few years kept in a good cave and a mild cigar.

Ladies, it is probably the ideal gift for your fond-of-wines husband. Surprise and delight him!

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A nice presence and richness : le « Gigondas »

Gigondas is a masterpiece of southern Côtes du Rhône which offers solid, well structured wines you can keep for long.

our « classic » Gigondas is generous, a mix of ripe fruits, spices and tobacco. In mouth, it is rich, warm and well structured. Keep it for almost 10 years! It goes with lamb and duck when it is young, game and stews when it is older.

Our Cuvée Florence is our jewel, the soul of Gigondas. Complexity, finesse, style : we mean noblesse. Exceptional aromas, perfect balance, wonderful final, you can keep this Lady for years! « Gigot de 7 heures » (leg of lamb stewed during 7 hours!), roasted duck, tajine, partridges and woodcocks, it deserves that you spend few hours cooking!

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