White wines

As already mentioned, we aim to satisfy different tastes, different typicities, and deliver generous and fruity wines. Thus, we are also proposing three friendly white wines and nice cuvées.

Sablet . Les Favoris . Cuvée de V

Fresh and crisp : the white Sablet

Let start by the beginning : our white Sablet (AOC Côtes du Rhône Villages Sablet) is a fresh, crisp, and nice delicacy. Very fruity (apples, pears) and light, it will be a nice aperitif drink. It will also go with young goat cheese and asian or indian cooks, melting with their spices.

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Like a water ice : Cuvée « Les Favoris »

Then comes our notre cuvée « Les Favoris » (AOC Côtes du Rhône). Peach, flowers and citrus fruits flavors will arouse your senses. Wine melts in your month, like an excellent water ice revealing freshness, aromas and sweetness.

Just perfect for an aperitif drink, it will also go with grilled fish (like salmon) and be delicious with a grilled angler fish kebab or some asparagus tips.

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Fruity and delicious Cuvée de « V »

We have also our cuvée de « V » (AOC Côtes du Rhône). « V » like Viognier, this famous vine variety which gives all its beauty to this wine. Just de-li-cious. A heady nose, a nice blend of freshness, roundness, pear, apricot and vanilla flavors. We take a great pleasure drinking it

Do you want to impress your guests? Serve it with an apricot tarte tatin, with a pear and fourme d’Ambert (blue cheese) pie, with scallops and mashed sweet potatoes or simply with a piece of blue cheese and a ripe pear.

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